Publishers are losing money to adblock every second

Per Month$3.45B
Per Day$113M
Per Hour$4.73M
Per Minute$78.8K
Per Second$1,313

How much are you losing to adblock?

BlockedRevenues is the industry’s most advanced analytics and revenue recovery platform to help publishers understand how adblock affects them and automatically recover lost revenue.

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Advanced Adblock Analytics

BlockedRevenues offers the most advanced adblock analytics on the planet — down to the dollar and impression level — for publishers curious about their adblock losses or measuring their efforts to recover lost revenue. BlockedRevenues Wordpress plugin and enterprise DFP integration also available.

Automated Revenue Recovery

Our platform detects when adblock cost you revenue and provides you with several options to automatically recover revenue lost due to adblock.


Adblock AnalyticsMeasure your adblock losses with our analytics platform, free.


Revenue RecoveryMeasure, Engage, and Recover lost revenue with our Pro features.